Covers & Merch


Outside is my debut 6-track EP that I released May 1st, 2020. I created all the cover art work, merch, and content for this release. I wanted to try something different than just using Photoshop to create the cover so I built this diarama by hand and photographed it for the cover. 

 Cover Process

I used model train materials, a piece of foam, and a candle box to create this cover. I built it by hand and had so much fun with the process. I photographed it in a friend’s studio and did some photoshop work to lay the text on the box. 


I designed & printed these shirts myself! After printing I hand dyed each shirt naturally wtih avocado seeds and skins. I wanted each part of this project to feel hand made, natural, and high quality. 


I created all the content for this project. I would film with my iPhone if I had to and wanted this release to have plenty of content to go along with it to post. 


I created all these covers over the last 3 years for all the singles I’ve released in that time. Each cover is hand-made and put together using old vintage magazines.  I wanted to avoid Photoshop as much as possible with these pieces. Each piece is hand-ripped and placed and scanned into the computer. Light Photoshop work was done to make them pop.