Colorblock is a co-working space in Denver that is specifically marketed towards creatives. It houses a recording studio, photo stuido, and editing suites. My concept behind this logo was Colorblock is where you go to turn nothing into something, hence the empty circle turning full. 

Cosmic Collective

Cosmic Collective is a Recording Studio & Rehearsal Studio based out of Boulder Colorado. The client wanted a classic feel to the logo so I went as ’60’s as possible while also keeping the logo grounded in modern style elements. 

To The Moon CBD

To The Moon CBD is a CBD Flower company based out of Boulder, CO that sells smokeable CBD flower. The client wanted the Marijuana leaf to be incorporated into the logo and wanted his lucky colors (purple and gold) to be used. I took this direciton and ran with it, creating a logo I’m really proud of. 

Timeless Development

Timeless Development is a rap group based out of Boulder, CO. They wanted a playful logo that felt hand-drawn and incorporated a wave and clock. I used big, bold lines to give the logo a cartoon vibe and used the water drops at the top of the clock to signify movement. 

Gracie Bassie

Gracie Bassie is a solo-artist and bassist based out of Denver, CO. She plays mostly Reggae music and wanted to create a logo that was a play on the Lion of Judah. Instead of the Lion, she wanted a unicorn holding a bass guitar staff. Her music is very etherial and spacey so I went with a space vibe on this logo to signify that.